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A quiet violence today stalks the villages and shanty towns of the Third World, the violence of needless hunger. In this book, two Bengali-speaking Americans take the reader to a Bangladesh village where they lived for nine months. There, the reader meets some of the world's poorest people - peasants, sharecroppers and landless laborers - and some of the not-so-poor people who profit from their misery. The villagers' poverty is not fortuitous, a result of divine dispensation or individual failings of character. Rather, it is the outcome of a long history of exploitation, culminating in a social order which benefits a few at the expense of many.

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Praise for a quiet violence

“Beautifully written.”

The New Internationalist

“Enables us to pierce through the many myths about the world’s hungry majority … by taking us into a single country – a single village.”

— Frances Moore Lappé, author of Diet for a Small Planet