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There is no inexorable trade-off between advancing human well-being and having a clean and safe environment. The goal of economic policy should be to grow the good things that improve our well-being and environmental quality and reduce the bad things that harm humans and nature. To reorient the economy for these ends, we will need to achieve a more egalitarian distribution of power and wealth. Climate change adds urgency to this task, and at the same time opens new opportunities for building a greener future.

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Paperback edition will appear in October 2019

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Praise for Economics for people and the planet

“A great read for experts and a new generation alike.”

– Kevin Gallagher, Director, Global Development Policy Center, Boston University

“Elegantly written, carefully crafted, deeply personal and every bit policy-relevant.”

– Eloi Laurent, Senior economist, Sciences Po Centre for Economic Research, Paris

“Starting from first principles Boyce offers a range of essays that inform, challenge and inspire.”

– Manuel Pastor, Director, Program for Environmental and Regional Equity, University of Southern California