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Natural Assets explores a range of strategies for expanding the quantity and enhancing the quality of natural assets in the hands of low-income individuals and communities. The book: examines the social construction of rights to natural resources and the environment, describes efforts to curtail pollution of the air, land, and water and to reclaim resources that have been appropriated and abused by polluters, considers sustainable agricultural practices that not only maintain but actually increase the stock of natural capital, explores strategies to promote sustainable forest management while reducing rural poverty, and examines the prospects for building natural assets in urban areas. Drawing on evidence from across the United States, the authors demonstrate that safeguarding the environment and improving the well-being of the poor can be mutually reinforcing goals.

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Praise for Natural assets

“A blueprint for real change that doesn’t sacrifice poor communities for the sake of progress.”

—Penny Newman, Executive director, Center for Community Action and Environmental Justice

A compelling collection of works in support of the claim that poverty reduction and environmental protection can  be advanced simultaneously.”

Rural Sociology

“Transforms our understanding of the relationship between poverty, income equity, ownership equity, and natural assets.”  

—David Korten, author of When Corporations Rule the World