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In the aftermath of violent conflict, how do the economic challenges of statebuilding intersect with the political challenges of peacebuilding? How can the international community help lay the fiscal foundations for a sustainable state and a durable peace? Peace and the Public Purse examines these questions, lifting the curtain that often has separated economic policy from peace implementation.

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Praise for peace and the public purse

"A key issue of our time is how to ensure that states emerging from conflict are equipped with the foundations on which to build a durable peace. The incisive and penetrating analysis in Peace and the Public Purse provides a valuable contribution to this endeavor."

—Alvaro de Soto, UN Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process

"A key informant once said, 'Follow the money.' This is sage advice, not only for unravelling scandals, but also as the authors demonstrate in this book for understanding successes and failures in peacebuilding."  

—Stephen John Stedman, Stanford University

"Thoughtful and timely."  

—Gareth Evans, Chancellor of Australian National University, and former president, International Crisis Group

"Essential reading for anyone working on postconflict societies."  

—Frances Stewart, Oxford University